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Bold offers design and manufacturing services to motorsport, aerospace and industry. We specialise in battery pack integration and structural composite & mechanical components.


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Bold provides added value from the design stage and takes care of manufacturing to supply finished products to our customers. We leverage our experience in motorsport to deliver fast solutions at a reasonable cost, form prototypes to large series production.

The recent advances in battery technology and control systems mean there will be disruption in well established sectors. We believe our knowledge in batteries and composite materials, offer a competitive advantage to help our technology customers succeed in their projects.

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Battery design, integration and packaging

Bold works together with battery engineers to integrate and package the different elements of battery systems. We can reduce weight significantly by using composite materials to battery & inverter structures.

Component design and manufacturing

We have strong experience in design and manufacture of composite and mechanical components for a wide range of sectors. Bold uses advanced CAD and FE tools to provide a fast and reliable service.

Tooling design and manufacturing

Tooling goes hand in hand with component design. Bold produces tooling for every component it designs, including advanced tooling techniques. This gives us full control over the manufacturing process.

— Markets

Helping businesses evolve with valuable technology

Bold has wide experience in different markets. Our aim is to transform ourknow how into valuable technology that helps businesses in different sectors. We work on markets such as motorsport, including Formula 1, automotive, aeronautics or sectors like manufacturing or handling industry.

These are all the markets we work on:


Motorsport, and Formula 1 in particular, is our bedrock for knowledge and experience. We have mechanical, composites and ESS experience for design and manufacture.


We offer design and manufacturing of interior and exterior components made out of glass fibre and carbon fibre composites to help you find the best solution for your marine application.


Transferring the knowhow from motorsport, allows us to work on, EV, hybridor IC hypercar projects in the composites bodywork / chassis and battery system areas.


We design and manufacture composite structures in composite material and supply batteries for UAVs. This provides extended range and custom design to suit your application.


We work for the aeronautics sector offering composite design and engineering solutions. We have experience with EN9100 and other quality requirements.


At Bold Valuable Tech we are pushing to introduce better batteries and mechanical components to enable you building better robots. We have experience in lightweight and intricate assemblies.


Composite component and structures design, engineering, as well as structural analysis, are some of the tasks we work on for the space industry.


We work for the manufacturing and handling industries, to introduce composites for specific applications where improved stiffness and reduced weight over metals will increase productivity.

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