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— Our experience

10+ years designing and managing projects in different industries, including Formula 1

Our founder, Bernat Carreras, has more than a decade of experience in design, manufacturing and project management in a number of different industries, including Formula 1 for more than 6 years.

Bold was created to leverage this experience by supplying specialised components and battery packs to our customers.
We take ownership of design and manufacturing so our customers do not need to take responsibility of procurement and managing production. This frees resources and keeps costs within budget at our customer´s end.

The design work is carried out in Surrey, UK. For manufacturing and testing, Bold uses a network of superb suppliers for raw materials, machinists, composite part producers and testing, mainly from the UK.

Bold has experience working with large and small clients and can supply anywhere in the world. We are happy to adapt ourselves to our customer´s quality system requirements.

— Our values

Strive for value

We make every effort to solve difficult engineering and manufacturing problems, which will lead to higher value products to our customers. This is our nature and we believe this will enable great products to exist.


A lack of quality, results in an increase in costs and missing planning objectives. We push ourselves to keep quality at a high standard on every product. Bold adapts the design and materials to different industries, but never at the expense of sacrificing quality.



We are aware trust takes a long time to be built, but it can easily be gone without integrity. Hence, we know this is one of our most important values and in turn we only collaborate with suppliers who share the same vision.


A high degree of efficiency is required to offer low cost and fast turnaround. By focusing on the aspects of the business that provide the highest value to our customers, we can make the operation fast and reliable.

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