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We are BOLD making Valuable Tech. With Bold, you can dare to shape your ideas into reality.


Bold Valuable Tech is a company that aims to design, test, manufacture and deliver high-performance, finished solutions. A large part of Bold’s team has developed their passion for precision and excellence while under the wings of the wave-making organization, Formula 1. It was while working at Formula 1 that Bold’s founder, Bernat Carreras, grew his knowledge all while meeting the exigence of the highly competitive sector of motorsport. This led to an opportunity for Carreras to build close ties with like-minded, hardworking colleagues. Those colleagues would later go on to work at Bold Valuable Technology, holding on to the commercial office in Surrey, UK and the design headquarters in Montmeló, Spain.

Bold is an engineering services supplier for companies that are 100 to 1,500-strong. Nonetheless, customers are pleased to collaborate with us because we all work side by side as if everyone were part of the same organization.  We work tirelessly with conviction and determination to unveil the many potential advances to be made in battery packs for use in all types of vehicles as well as the structural advantages of lightweight structures for various products.

Bold uses advanced CAD and simulation tools to provide a fast and reliable service. Tooling goes hand in hand with component design. Bold’s grasp on tooling for many components, even advanced tooling techniques, results in full control over the manufacturing process. All in all, Bold’s knowledge on batteries and composite materials offers a competitive advantage to help our technology partners succeed.


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Strive for value

Bold pulls out all the stops to solve complex engineering and manufacturing issues which gives way to added value solutions for our trusted partners. This is in our company’s DNA and supports the conviction that great advances can and will be made.


A lack of quality, results in an increase in costs and missing planning objectives. We push ourselves to keep quality at a high standard on every product. Bold will not settle for low quality on any product, but rather we adapt the design and materials according to the needs of the different industries while upholding the core value of unflagging quality.



Trust takes time to be built and can be wiped away in an instant if one sacrifices their integrity. As honesty is the best policy, we can thus only partner up with suppliers who have the same track record for integrity.


While Bold is steadily building a reputation for being fast and reliable, one cannot overlook the importance of efficiency. Getting it right the first time helps keep costs down while providing swift solutions. The principle of being efficient is ingrained in all we do.

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Work with Bold Valuable Tech

Work with Bold Valuable Tech

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