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Bold is an engineering services provider specialised in batteries and lightweight structures. We offer our customers reliable CAD and simulation expertise that enables better products by pushing the boundaries.


These are the services that what we offer:

Battery thermal Simulation for motorsport

Custom Battery Pack

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Composite Components

Composite Components

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FEA and CFD simulation service provider

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Custom Battery Pack

Custom battery pack design

We will work together with you to select the correct battery cell Chemistry and format (prismatic, pouch and can). We use our own Matlab simulation tools to validate capacity and power before testing a battery cell or module in a lab. Bold designs the entire system, including thermal simulation and mechanical design.

Thermal design and simulation

We have developed novel cooling systems to improve thermal gradients and reduce weight. We approach every project with an open mind to decide on the system that best suits your project. There is no best system overall, as every battery pack is unique in specifications (main driving factors are cost, cooling efficiency, weight, volume). We have advanced tools to perform CFD conjugate analysis with both temperature and fluid.

Battery thermal Simulation for motorsport


We have capability to test the module design during the development phase. Bold can test both the cooling system at prototype level and cells to validate the design. This is done through our inhouse equipment and off the shelf battery testing devices to ensure customers get what they require.

To comply with the international regulations for shipping, we will test the battery pack to UN38.3 if required. This is done using external suppliers but managed by Bold.

Chemistry and formats available

Bold works with most cell manufacturers, including A123, AMTE Power, LG, Lithium Werks, Samsung, Panasonic, amongst others.

We can offer power or energy cells in a variety of formats (18650, 20650, 21700, and others) and different sizes for pouches and prismatic cells.

For special programs we have access to extreme high-power cells and even custom-made cells. These come at the expense of cost and lead time.

Initial supplier data is used to select the cells. However for final development we prefer to perform testing together with a cooling concept prototype to correlate our simulations for battery size and CFD-thermal.

Mechanical design

The mechanical design of the battery pack is critical to achieve lowest possible weight and volume. Bold can design the necessary insulation both electrical and thermal, fire barriers, cooling systems, enclosures, pressure application mechanisms and cell expansion mechanisms.

Our designers have many years of experience in vehicle and battery design and work together with customers to achieve a design that suites the battery and vehicle. The battery pack will be subjected to many load cases, mainly being inertial loading and vibration. We have finite element analysis (FEA) software to validate the mechanical design for all load cases.
Additionally, our experience in composite materials proves very useful to reduce weight and volume. The superior stiffness to weight ratio over metallic materials makes them advantageous for battery pack internals and casings.

Composite components

We have strong experience in design and manufacture of composite and metallic components for a wide range of sectors. We are happy to help, whether it is a high-end motorsport structural component or cosmetic parts.

Composite materials offer superior strength and stiffness to weight ratio over metal alloys, that in addition to other properties, make them ideal for some applications. These properties are often combined with metallic sections, which we also have a good experience working with.

A short list of examples from different components where Bold VT has worked:

  • Motorsport body work, diffusers, brake ducts, wings.
  • Battery and inverter enclosures out of composite materials
  • Composite engine components
  • Industrial automated storage system head made with composite materials

We use advanced Catia v5 for CAD and Hypermesh for FEA. File sharing with our customers can be made through standard file formats (e.g. .step). Bold also has several licenses of Inventor.

Bold supplies inspection reports that include dimensional inspection with CMM or inspection arm for hard points and laser inspection for surfaces. Additionally, we can perform pressure tests up to 6 bar, dielectric strength tests to 6 kW and resistance and continuity tests.

FEA and CFD simulation service provider

Our inhouse expertise in simulation covers finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics and battery simulation. Bold partners with Altair for Hypermesh FEA and Simscale for CFD and Mathworks for battery analysis.

Bold’s simulation is integrated with design so we can generate iterations fast to achieve design objectives efficiently. On top of a system that works reliably, we have many years of experience in our engineering team that bring value to our customers.

Our capabilities for FEA are:

  • Static and dynamic structural: composites and isotropic materials, including laminate definition.
  • Optimization: Topological and parametric
  • Normal modes, frequency response and response spectrum
  • Fatigue multiaxial and cyclic: life calculation on components subjected to fatigue loading.
  • Isotropic, orthotropic and hyper-elastic materials (rubber / elastomers), non-linear.
  • Thermal transient and steady state in solids

Our capabilities for CFD are:

  • Steady state and transient CFD simulations: body aerodynamics for liquid and gas.
  • Conjugate CFD and heat transfer analysis: simulate battery cooling performance and pumping losses, cooling systems for enclosures, etc.

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