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Battery integration and packaging

Bold works together with battery engineers to integrate and package the different elements of a battery system (Cells, BMS, Inverter, cooling, safety elements, bus bars, connectors and enclosures). We design battery packs for motorsport to achieve a safe, reliable, lightweight and compact unit.

We design and manufacture jigs and fixtures for cell block assembly lines and any other operation required for assembly, including tab folding, cell manipulation and welding.

Power electronics and battery enclosures

Bold Valuable Technology designs and produces structural enclosures and cell carriers. Additional elements, e.g. load plates, EMC shields and cooling jackets can also be developed to suite different types of cells and power electronic packages.

To achieve the required level of safety in applications where weight saving is important, composites have proven to be superior over metals. Composites’ unique ability to combine different properties into one component, tick all the boxes for safety and performance.

Composites and mechanical components

We have strong experience in design and manufacture of composite and metallic components for a wide range of sectors. We are happy to help, whether it is a high end motorsport structural component or sporting goods.

Composite materials offer unique strength and stiffness to weight ratio, that in addition to other properties, make them ideal for some applications. These properties are often combined with metals, which we also have a good experience working with.

A short list of examples from different components where Bold VT has worked:

  • Motorsport body work, diffusers, brake ducts, wings.
  • Power electronics EMC shields
  • Composite oil tank and pipe work
  • Industrial automated storage system head made with composite materials

We use advanced CAD and structural analysis packages for design. File sharing with our customers can be made through standard (e.g. .step) file formats.

Bold makes the final quality inspection of every component in house to ensure it satisfies the customer´s specification.

Moulds, jigs and fixtures

As experts in tooling, we have designed hundreds of mould tools, such as metallic moulds, composite moulds and low cost tooling, to a high standard. Additionally, we design machining fixtures and bonding jigs as part of our manufacturing process.

Furthermore, we have experience in advanced tooling materials and techniques. These include LMT alloys, sacrificial RP mandrels and inflatable bladders. Although these techniques are mostly found in motorsport, they might be of interest for other sectors where the advantages of composites materials in the final component, might offset the higher manufacturing costs.

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