We exist to solve your challenges and make great products through technology and innovation.

Bold is a technology solutions provider to several sectors. Technology allows us to horizontally integrate our knowledge and experience to make all kinds of products: battery technology for vehicles, composite parts for aerospace or mechanical assemblies for industrial equipment. Our long-term vision focuses on continuously increasing value in our services by improving technology, because we believe innovation is an unstoppable force that will benefit our customers and society.

Carbon fiber: benefits and applications

Carbon fiber composites are currently used in many different applications due to its superior properties in comparison to other materials, such as aluminium alloys, titanium alloys and steels. It is mainly the stiffness and strength to weight ratio, but also EMC...

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Custom battery pack design with lithium ion cells

Lithium ion cells are the most widely used chemistry for electric and hybrid vehicles. Amongst lithium ion cells there are several chemistries available that have slightly different properties depending on the application. All these chemistries are sensitive to...

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Lithium ion batteries

Bold Valuable Technologies offers custom battery design and manufacturing services, including lithium ion batteries. We have developed several packs for motorsport applications for years and offer this experience to our customers seeking a reliable and safe operation...

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